Quick scan ‘Effective school leadership’

The Quick Scan ‘Effective School Leadership’ provides you with a quick self-assessment and reflection on the effectiveness of school leadership within your school.

Focus on ten effective school leadership assignments

The 10 effective school leadership assignments on which the quick scan focuses are a selection from a total of 20 assignments that contribute to effective school leadership. You will find more information about this on the vision page. Our empirically based and validated online 360° feedback survey focuses on those twenty assignments.

The Quick Scan focuses on only ten of these assignments and is completed only from your own perspective. These are two major differences compared with the 360° feedback survey.

Working method

For each of the ten assignments, the quick scan asks you to rate a statement on the 10-point scale indicated below. The question to be answered is always the same: to what extent do you agree with the statement?

To help you with rating these statements, you will find below every assignment a more detailed description of the key indicators or behaviours associated with the specific assignment.

Processing and results

The results of the quick scan are immediately visualised in a spider diagram. With a single glance, you get an indication of which domains require more or less attention. You will also receive a link to the results in your mailbox.

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