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Lecture 'Effective shared school leadership'

Through this interactive lecture, you and your fellow school leaders acquire a well-founded vision on shared effective school leadership.
You examine how the leadership in your school meets this vision and work out steps on how shared effective school leadership can become (even more) embedded in your school.

Basic programme 'Effective shared school leadership'

Together with your fellow school leaders, you take part in two interactive workshops.
In between both workshops, you involve teachers and other colleagues in your development. You do this by inviting them to complete our online 360° feedback survey.

You discover points for development that you want to work on in the coming semesters. If so requested, we can offer coaching sessions that can help to bring the acquired knowledge into practice.

Masterclass 'Effective shared school leadership'

Together with your fellow school leaders, you take part in a two-day (residential or non-residential) workshop, followed by three extra training days during which we will elaborate on the acquired knowledge and skills. In the meantime, you will set to work with the acquired know-how. Depending on the need, we can integrate our online 360° feedback survey.

You will experience that the effectiveness of your school leadership will increase and that others in your school will also recognise this.

‘School leadership’ coaching

In individual coaching or group coaching sessions, you focus on your individual development or on the development of the small group (e.g. a management team) that you are part of. The number of coaching sessions depends on the actual needs.

The coaching topics may be deduced from the 360° feedback survey, but may just as well come from yourself or from the group.

'School Leadership’ shadow day

As a school leader, you may at times long for an external sounding board. If so, you can let yourself be shadowed by a school maker for one day.

He/she will tell you what he/she observes in terms of school leadership and school climate.

Expect a unique learning experience, during which all aspects of school leadership can be addressed. The aspects to be focused on are discussed in advance.

Guided intervision 'School Leadership’

Together with a group of 3 to 7 other school leaders, you will strengthen your know-how of how to best tackle concrete challenges.

How can you get a better understanding of a specific challenge? What alternatives do you have to deal with it?

These are the issues at the heart of any intervision. In an atmosphere of trust and great openness, you will jointly develop an answer to these issues.


Customised workshops

In a customised workshop, you will strengthen your vision on the pre-established topic or issue and acquire tools for the daily practice.
Educational umbrella organisations, school communities and schools have already called on us for customised workshops on the following issues:

  • How do we best guide change?
  • How do we strengthen school leadership in our departments?
  • How do we strengthen the school leadership of our mid-level management?
  • How do we initiate and implement change processes in consultation with teachers and other employees?
  • How do we anticipate resistance to change?
  • How can we make optimal use of our mid-level management in change processes?
  • How do we strengthen our school’s ‘policy-making capacity’?
  • How can we develop our school into an effective learning organisation?
  • How can we implement solution-oriented coaching in our school?
  • How can we introduce co-creative co-operation in our school?
  • How do we achieve a supported renewed vision on our educational project?
  • How do we achieve educational-didactic innovation?
  • How do we set up a new school?
  • How do we achieve a uniform vision and alignment in our merger in terms of educational and supporting processes?
  • How do we support teachers in dealing with a transition in the pupil/student population?
  • How do we make our organisation (even) more professional?
  • How do we give feedback to teachers and other employees in the best possible way?
  • How can we bring about a more open feedback culture?
  • How do we organise job performance interviews in the best possible way?
  • How do we best deal with conflicts?
  • How can we increase the efficiency of our support processes?
  • How can we optimise our decision-making processes?
  • How do we improve the effectivity and efficiency of the consultation processes within our school?
  • How do we strengthen our quality assurance procedures?
  • How do we increase our digitalisation?

Is your current challenge not included in this list?
Together, we will explore how best to tackle your specific challenge(s).

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