Online 360° feedback survey on ‘Effective school leadership’

The online 360° feedback survey on effective school leadership helps you as a school leader to determine which points for development you, together with your team, can give priority to in the coming trimesters.

The survey is to be completed by yourself as school leader, your teachers, your mid-level management and your own superior.

The survey inquires, amongst other things, after the current importance for your school of each of the twenty assignments of effective school leadership and the distribution of the execution of the assignments among several people within the school.

Online 360° feedback survey on ‘Effective school leadership’

In our 360° feedback survey, we use the descriptions of 81 behaviours as items to be rated on a five-point scale. All 81 items are assessed from 4 perspectives.

360° scheme


In addition, the survey examines – at the level of 20 school leadership assignments – to what extent the assignments are also taken up by others than the school leader in question and to what extent the assignments are important for the school at the time the survey is completed.

The results of this online 360° feedback survey are included for each school leader in a comprehensive individual ‘Effective School Leadership 360° feedback report’ and discussed with the school leader in view of detecting points for development and the corresponding actions to be taken.

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The validity study carried out in 2020 (Debruyne, 2020 – led by. J. Vanhoof, Edubron, UAntwerpen) demonstrated the construct validity of the survey. The suggestions to increase the construct validity of the survey by omitting an item here and there or assigning it to another of the 20 assignments have been incorporated in the current version of the survey. The study found that “this survey is capable of validly collecting perceptions on the assignments that are expected from a school leader. (…) As we found differences in perception between groups of assessors, we can conclude that organising a 360° feedback survey is definitely valuable. Questioning different groups gives the school leader a broader picture of his/her functioning.”

360° feedback survey: common HR tool

In many sectors, a 360° feedback procedure is common practice for leadership development (Goldsmith et al., 2000). A 360° feedback survey is a process for collecting, quantifying and reporting peer observations about an individual. With a 360° feedback survey, information is collected on the observable behaviour of the individual from the perception of the respondents (Bracken et al., 2016). In a typical 360° feedback survey, perceptions are collected from multiple groups of respondents, including employees, colleagues, superiors, self-assessment… (Conway & Huffcutt, 1997).

Important for a 360° feedback survey is that all respondents use the same tool to give feedback. The individual receives a feedback report that allows her or him to compare the feedback from different groups of respondents. This gives the person a broader picture of the job aspects in which she/he is strong and those that can be improved (Wexley & Latham, 2002). A 360° feedback survey often leads to sustainable individual, group and/or organisational behavioural changes.


The outcome of the 360° evaluation will last me a long time to come. I am still reaping the benefits up to this very day.

Birgid Decleyn director of Pistache Primary School (in ‘Klasse’)

On the one hand some things have been confirmed and on the other hand I have discovered new things and insights. But most of all, I have become very enthusiastic to start putting in place what I learned from the feedback report.

Sandra Simons managing director BuSO De wissel

I have discovered points of development that I will definitely take up in my further professionalisation as a school leader.

Kurt Gommers managing director, ZAVO

Very rewarding and also surprising, because it is assumed that strengthening your core qualities is the path to follow.

Sandra Thijs former director CVO LBC Mechelen

We are currently working on preparing the English version of the 360° feedback tool.

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